Image for Head Teacher, Ms Sykes

Ms Sykes

Head Teacher

Ms Karen Sykes is the Head Teacher. She has been at Bathford School FOREVER! She loves working at our school and often jokes that she has a bed in the cupboard. In her spare time Ms Sykes enjoys exercising, walking her dogs and travelling.

Image for Deputy Head Teacher And Year 6 Teacher, Mrs Hayter

Mrs Hayter

Deputy Head Teacher And Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Becky Hayter is Deputy Head Teacher, she teaches Year 6 and thinks the children at Bathford are lovely! She has lived in France and Luxembourg and likes to share her experiences of travel with her class. Mrs Hayter studied English and French at University and enjoys reading as well as learning new languages. She is currently trying to learn Italian!

Image for Year 5 Teacher, Mrs Casey

Mrs Casey

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Sarah Casey is our amazing Year 5 teacher.  She always has a smile on her face and she is very patient.  Mrs Casey helps us with PSHE in school (Personal, Social and Health Education).

Image for Year 4 Teacher, Miss Baily

Miss Baily

Year 4 Teacher

Miss Lynnette Baily is our super teacher in Year 4.  She loves linking children’s work to creativity, especially art.  Miss Baily is our subject leader for English and she helps to support the rest of the school with reading, writing and spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG).

Image for Year 3 Teacher, Miss Burgin

Miss Burgin

Year 3 Teacher

Miss Hannah Burgin has just graduated from Bath Spa University and this is her first teaching job.  She is very excited to be working with Year 3 and they enjoy all the active learning they have done so far this year.

Image for Year 2 Teacher, Dr Emmett

Dr Emmett

Year 2 Teacher

Dr Rachel Emmett has just moved to Year 2.  Her class think she is funny and kind.  Dr Emmett is our leader for maths in school.  She is learning all about mastery in maths and helping all the other teachers plan their work.  Dr Emmett is also the person everyone goes to if they have something wrong with them because she’s a real doctor!

Image for Year One Teacher, Mrs Hinde

Mrs Hinde

Year One Teacher

Mrs Esther Hinde teaches Year 1 with Mrs Morcom. She has taught many other year groups as well and is an expert on all things ecological. She works brilliantly with our school councillors to help the school save energy and is the subject leader for Science. Away from school, she can often be seen on her tandem bicycle!

Image for Year One Teacher, Mrs Davison

Mrs Davison

Year One Teacher

Mrs Christine Davison is teaching in Year 3 on Thursday. She also teaches in Reception on Friday afternoon and does some small group work on Wednesday.  She is an amazing musician and can speak French. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking – especially baking- and playing, singing or listening to music. She is also an active member of the All Saints Weston worship team and regularly takes part in services.

Image for Reception Class Teacher, Miss Freeman

Miss Freeman

Reception Class Teacher

Miss Rosemary Freeman teaches Reception class during the second half of the week. She has a wealth of Early Years experience and is always calm, friendly and positive. She absolutely loves working with the youngest children in the school.

Image for Reception Class Teacher, Mrs McMullen

Mrs McMullen

Reception Class Teacher

Mrs Louise McMullen teaches Reception Class during the first half of the week.  She is creative and a very talented artist and her class always produce the most amazing drawings, painting and collages.

Image for PPA Teacher, Mrs Tucker

Mrs Tucker

PPA Teacher

Mrs Jane Tucker teaches Year 5 one afternoon a week and Year 6 one afternoon a week.  She also does a lot of small group work with children in Key Stage 2. She has worked in many different year groups across the school and enjoys all ages. She is an expert at art and DT, especially cooking, and she loves creative projects.

Image for PPA Teacher, Mrs Morcom

Mrs Morcom

PPA Teacher

Mrs Rachel Morcom teaches 2 1/2 days in Year 1 with Mrs Hinde.  She is very creative and loves running the art club after school. She has 3 children and is also a Governor at St Stephen’s Church School, who is also part of the Bath & Wells Multi-Academy Trust.

Image for SENCO, Mrs Thornton

Mrs Thornton


Mrs Joanne Thornton is our school SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator). She has worked with all the year groups in the school and knows the children very well. She works with Class 2 on a Friday afternoon.  She is a science expert and loves to go pond dipping with her classes.

Image for , Our Amazing Teaching Assistants

Our amazing Teaching Assistants

We are lucky to have talented, kind, dedicated teaching assistants throughout the school.

Class R:


Class 1:


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Class 3:

LouiseClass 4:


Class 5:






Key Stage 2 (and anywhere else where her amazing help with maths can be used):


Image for , Our Amazing Office Staff

Our amazing office staff

Marina Raybould is key to the success of the school’s office in her role as finance officer and secretary.  She is tremendously efficient and organised and is often the first face that parents and visitors see when they visit the school.




Omnia Metwally is also a school secretary and you’ll generally find her happy, smiling face in the office towards the end of the week.  Omnia is in charge of the breakfast and after school clubs.  Omnia is also clerk to the governors.


Image for Breakfast And After School Club Leaders, Breakfast And After School Club Leaders

Breakfast and After School Club Leaders

Breakfast And After School Club Leaders

Omnia Metwally is the Leader for the Breakfast and After School Club.  Everyone loves her kindness and the way she laughs all the time.

Amy Puttock, who is also a High Needs Teaching Assistant, enjoys reading with children in the Breakfast and After School Clubs.

Mum, Karen Mortimer, works in the Breakfast and After School Clubs for 3 days a week.  She enjoys coming up with creative activities for children to do.