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Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 is great because it challenging yet fun.  Our class teacher is Mrs Hayter.  In our class everyone is so kind, friendly and thoughtful and we really support each other with our learning.  We always strive to do our best, not only academically, but also in the way we are with everyone else.  As we are the oldest in school, it is up to us to set a good example and to give younger children someone to look up to.

There are quite a few responsibilities in Year Six.  One of our favourite responsibilities is to partner up with a child in Reception.  We read with our partner every week. walk them to and from church, help them with their D.T. projects and look out for them in the playground.  Another responsibility we have is to be House Captains;  Year 6 pupils are chosen to lead their House, either Dahl, Rowling, Blyton or Morpurgo.    We also do extra jobs around school, such as being school secretary during break times, laminating and photocopying for teachers.

We loved delivering Harvest donations to the local community.

The biggest, star-studded highlight of Year Six is definitely the residential visit.  This year we will go on residential before we do our SATs (another highlight of Year Six, although not quite as enjoyable!)

Our first topic of Year 6 has been ‘Wonder’ based on the novel by R. J Palacio.  We have absolutely loved sharing this amazing book together.


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