Welcome to class 4’s page!

Welcome to class 4. We are a class of 29 wonderful children – 11 girls and 18 boys.

During terms 1 and 2 everything is centred around our topic of ‘The Ancient Egyptians’. So far we have drawn and labelled our own maps of Egypt, thought about the importance of the River Nile and its annual cycle of flooding, as well as learnt how to make a mummy!What if Cinderella had been Egyptian?

We have written our own Egyptian Cinderella stories and are currently planning a newspaper article on the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Having made silhouette crayon drawings of Ancient Egypt we moved on to making Egyptian headdresses, drawing Egyptian gods and goddesses on real papyrus paper and most recently making canopic jars from clay.

Today we have made and eaten a banquet of Egyptian food with our lovely school secretary Omnia – so a big thank you to her from class 4.


Next term we will be writing some Ancient Egyptian themed poetry and plan to take a trip to see some real Ancient Egyptian artefacts – so watch this space……

Here are some fun photos of what we have been up to but please feel free to visit our classroom and see, in the words of Howard Carter, “Yes, wonderful things!”




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