Welcome to Class 2!

We love being in Class 2! In our class there are 30 children, 15 boys and 15 girls.In Class 2 the topics are really fun.  Our topics are Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I love London, Here be Dragons, Animals and Pirates.

SATs presentation- Information for parents Bathford Primary School KS1 Year 2 SATS Information for Parents 3

    We are in our final term and it has been an exciting term so far. We came back to find that the pirates had taken our classroom rug, leaving us a message in a bottle. They returned it the next day saying ‘it smelt like children!’. However, they took our class bear instead!! The day after that they took our teacher! We wrote very persuasive letters for why they should give her back and persuading them that a change of job would be a good idea!

We have been helping them with new ship designs and how to have a healthy diet.

Here are some pictures of us measuring out their ship designs.


Pirate Presentation by Elliot Ensom

As part of our topic on London, children made Tudor-style houses and re-enacted the Great Fire of London.  The local fire department were on hand to help keep us all safe.

In term 3 we have been learning about London. We Love London! We have become experts and can tell you lots of facts. We have:

  • Learnt about the names of monuments and big buildings.
  • learnt about the Great Fire of London.
  • Become newspaper reporters.
  • We went back in time and had to become workers in London.
  • We wrote our own diary entries.
  • We wrote letters to Aunt Lucy from Paddington, working on our descriptive and exciting writing.
  • We then wrote some amazing stories about a Mr.Men trip to London.
As well as all of this we have learnt about the United Kingdom, separating everyday materials, rhythm and pulse and have made some amazing houses that we are going to burn!

We had a great first two terms, learning about Charlie and the Chocolate factory.  We:

  • Created our own Oompa Loompas,
  • Learned to sing and perform the Oompa Loompa song using musical instruments,
  • Learned where Cocoa beans come from and which country grows the majority of them,
  • Created our own factory,
  • Written our own story books (with chapters!) about Charlie and our factories!
  • Invented new mystical creatures from Loompa Land,
  • Invented our own chocolate bars!
  • Helped Mr. Wonka count his sweets by counting in tens and ones,
  • Taught the Oompa Loompa workers how to estimate,
  • Helped the Oompa Loompa workers understand how to use inverse sums and number bonds to work out tricky sums,
  • We have also learned what we need to stay healthy, how we develop and what we need to survive.

As well as all of this, we are becoming experts at using an atlas; we can even tell you why an atlas is called an atlas!

Learning outside

In class 2 we love to take our lessons outside. Here are some pictures of us measuring height and length in centimetres. We also worked as a team to estimate a meter using a bucket of water. We had lots of fun doing this.

IMG_0743 IMG_0738 IMG_0748 IMG_0751 IMG_0753IMG_0750 IMG_0770 IMG_0792

Chocolate making!

Class 2 had a lot of fun making chocolate bars with a twist!

They raised £60.56 for the Young Carers charity.


IMG_0773 IMG_0770

Please come in and visit our wonderful class and see all of our fantastic work.