Our Eco-council is made of children from each class, supported by Mrs Hinde. They are representatives of their class and help the Head Teacher to make decisions about the school. The eco council have a budget that they have to manage and they help make the school an even better place. Initiatives they have helped to happen include brightening up school with plant pots, installing an outside water fountain and the creation of a wicker tunnel and quiet area.

The Eco-Council worked hard to achieve the Bronze Award for Eco Schools and are now working on the Silver Award.  As part of our work towards the Silver Award, we all took part in an Outdoor Learning Challenge, where all classes had to spend as much time as possible doing their learning outdoors.  Everyone had a great time.

Eco Council held a competition to choose the best design for our school’s Eco-Council logo.  Here is the winning entry:

Minutes of Eco 01.03.2016

Minutes of Eco 19.04.2016

Minutes of Eco 19.05.2016

Minutes of Eco 20.06.2016

Eco School Council Meeting October 2016

Eco School Council Meeting November 2016

Eco School Council Meeting 30th Nov 2016

Eco council meeting 18th Jan 2017

Eco Council meeting 22nd Feb 2017

Eco council meeting 18th May 2017

Eco council meeting 23.10.18