Teaching and Learning

Sunshine learning objective

The quality of teaching and learning in our happy, vibrant school is, we feel,  excellent. The children learn Maths and English basic skills, often in morning lessons, and a variety of other subjects including Science, Art and Design, Computing and Coding, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Modern Foreign Languages (currently French at Key Stage 2), Religious Education, Music, PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) and Physical Education. Teachers make links between subjects, and each term has a clear overarching focus (e.g. Wonder, Egyptians, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc.) which makes the learning both fun and more memorable for the children. Teachers also use Pupil Voice activities, drawing on pupil prior knowledge and interests to ensure the teaching is tailored to the requirements of the class and its learners. Lessons are fun- teachers incorporate video, drama, games, pair and group work, objects and artefacts and a huge variety of other resources and ideas to keep the learning engaging.

To support the teaching of Religious Education, along with most Bath and North-East Somerset schools, we use the 2016 local authority syllabus, ‘Awareness, Mystery, Value’. We also use ‘Understanding Christianity‘ to further develop and support the teaching of Christianity.

Structure of classes across the school

We have 7 classes, one per year group (which makes things nice and straight-forward!). The children start in Reception Class, and move to Year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The youngest children are 4 and our oldest Year 6 will be 11. Reception Class is also called ‘Early Years’ and ‘Foundation Stage’. Years 1 and 2 are Key Stage 1, and classes 3 to 6 together make up Key Stage 2.

School Timings

School bell

The school day starts at 9.00am when the bell rings. In rainy weather the children may come into school from 8.50am. Please ensure that children are on time each day to enable a smooth start to the morning. Lunch time is 12.00-1.05pm. and school finishes for all classes at 3.15pm. The infant classes have a break in the afternoons from 2:15 till 2:30 pm.

Where do they come from and where do they go?

Our intake comprises of children from our village, as well as children from nearby villages and the Bath area. Many children arrive having attended Pepperpot Pre-School (a lovely setting just next to our school), although many children join us who have been at other pre-school settings.

School uniform


Our new uniform is available for purchase online at www.michaelhope.co.uk Our modern new school logo is stitched onto the clothing. The  uniform consists of white shirts and grey shorts, trousers or skirts. Parents may choose white logo polo shirts or buttoned shirts with a silver and red striped tie (elastic ties are also available). This is for all ages – boys and girls. Red v-necked jumpers and cardigans also have the new logo. There is a grey fleece option with BATHFORD stitched onto the back- this looks very funky! Girls have the options of gingham and pinafore dresses.  Children  wear a red, logo-embossed t- shirt for PE with black shorts/ other black sports leg wear. It is acceptable for parents to buy non-logo white polo shirts and source grey trousers/ shorts/ skirts from whichever outlet parents choose. The Michael Hope website, though, has an excellent choice of styles. Also available are logo embossed book bags and very popular backpacks.

Before and After School

We provide a paid-for Breakfast Club and After School Club in the Main School Hall. This excellent service is very popular with working parents and runs from 7:30 in the morning, and until 6pm after school.

After school, we also run ‘interest’ clubs for the children. Teachers and other coaches run a variety of clubs that change 3 times a year. Clubs offered have included indoor hockey, multi-sports, yoga, French, art, Coding, sewing, band  and film club.