If you are interested in your child enrolling with us, do please contact us on 01225 858776 and Ms Sykes will gladly arrange a time for you to have a tour of the school. Our Year 6 pupils are also available for school tours- they are great ambassadors for the school and are always happy to answer questions and talk about school life.

For new Reception parents (and other prospective parents), we are happy to publish online the following induction documents:

Parents’ Reference Sheet 2018

Home school agreement 2018-19

Reception health leaflet

Jolly-Phonics-Actions (3)

Number lines

Our golden rules

Reception Class induction:

For new starters to school, there is a morning or afternoon taster session during the Summer Term when children can come along and spend time in our Reception Class. There is also an information evening for parents in the Summer Term, where parents can meet the Class Teacher and Teaching Assistant and learn more about the September induction. Children start their first term on the first day back but at a slightly later time of 9:20. They attend mornings only for approximately the first two weeks, then stay for school lunch and playtime for a further week, before commencing full time in their third/fourth week. The first term is very much about making the children happy, feel safe and secure, and ensuring that they develop good friendships as they learn the school routines. During the first 3 weeks of term, parents are invited to attend an afternoon interview slot with the class teacher, to discuss all those important pieces of information about your child  (likes, dislikes, favourite toys, friendship etc.) so that we can best help them as they start an exciting new chapter in their lives.


On 1 April 2018, Bathford C of E (VC) Primary School converted to Academy status by joining the Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust (BWMAT). As a new Academy, the school governors will review the Admission Arrangements for the school during Autumn 2018. This will be done in conjunction with the BWMAT directors with a view to conducting a public consultation. In accordance with statutory requirement, the earliest that any new admission arrangements could apply is September 2020.

Bathford Church School admission arrangements





School Admission Appeals Timetable

Applies from 1 April 2018

School Admission appeals are administered in accordance with the requirements of the 2012 School Admission Appeals Code issued by the Department for Education. Parents whose admission application is refused will have the legal right to appeal that decision. To lodge an appeal, complete and return the Appeal Form which can be downloaded from the Academy website or requested from the Main Reception Office.

On receipt of the completed Appeal Form, the Admission Authority will arrange for an appeal hearing to take place before an independent Appeal Panel. The timetable differs depending on when the appeal is lodged and whether it relates to an application to start at the Academy for the first time in September 2018 or to join the Academy during the academic year.




Starting School in September 2018 – For appeals lodged after 14 May 2018
It may be possible for appeals lodged after 14 May 2018 to take place at the same time as those lodged before this deadline, providing there is sufficient time to make the appropriate arrangements. Otherwise, appeals lodged after 14 May 2018 will be heard within 30 school days of receipt of the completed Appeal Form


Lodging an appeal relating to an In-Year admission application decision
An appeal may be lodged within 30 school days of the admission decision being issued. An appeal hearing will be scheduled to take place within 30 school days of receipt of the appeal form


4. Administrative timetable
Identification and appointment of independent appeals clerk and appeal panel members As soon as possible after receipt of the appeal form
The Appeal Clerk will notify appellants of the date and time of the appeal hearing and the names of the independent appeal panel members (appellants may choose to waive this right of notice). Posted out at least 10 school days before the appeal hearing is to take place
The Appeal Clerk will issue a written statement prepared by the Admissions Authority to explain the reasons for refusal Posted out at least 5 school days before the appeal hearing is to take place
Additional information relevant to the appeal may be submitted to the clerk for distribution. Information submitted after this deadline will not be considered unless the chair of the Appeal Panel specifically agrees to this. Up to two school days before the appeal hearing is to take place
The decision of the Appeal Panel will be notified to the appellant(s) in writing. Posted out within five school days following the appeal hearing


To talk to someone at Bath & North East Somerset Admissions and Transport Service about school admissions, contact them on 01225 394312.

Telephone lines are open Monday to Thursday from 8.30am to 5.00pm and Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm.

Facsimile: 01225 394296.  Email: admissions_transport@bathnes.gov.uk or

Write to us at: School Admissions and Transport Service, PO BOX 25, Riverside, Temple Street, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 IDN.