Welcome to our school’s website!

We strive for ‘Educational Excellence’. Our evolving 2018-19 curriculum is based around exciting termly, cross curricular topics which are based around the National Curriculum but enhanced by children’s own interests, our school vision and local and global events.  For further information on current topics, please check out individual class pages and/or contact class teachers directly and they will gladly answer your questions.

Our school ethos:

Recognising its historic foundation, the school will preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the Church at parish and diocese level. The school aims to serve its community by providing an education of the highest possible quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. It encourages an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith, and promotes Christian values through the experience it offers to all of its pupils.

Our vision to meet the requirements of the our school ethos:

To create an ever-improving school that is a forward thinking place of educational excellence; To nurture children so that they can be the very best that they can be: (a) maximising their potential to be successful learners across the full breadth of the curriculum and (b) developing pupils holistically so that they are completely prepared for the next stage in their education, and beyond .

Our School Values, which are inclusive for all, may be interpreted as ‘Christian’, ‘British’ or simply ‘Good’:

Our aim is to develop children who are creative and artistic, tolerant and light hearted, friendly and trustworthy, forgiving and enthusiastic, wise and compassionate. To develop children who show empathy, endurance, teamwork and humility. Children who can be peaceful, who have a sense of justice and who are respectful, thankful and hopeful about the future. Children who are kind, talented, independent, honest, alert, resilient, thoughtful, confident, helpful, responsible, happy, hard-working and polite. Children who will persevere, who are loyal, punctual, ambitious and who value ‘koinonia’, that feeling of fellowship and togetherness with others. We aim to develop children who have a sense of awe and wonder; children interested, inquisitive and intrigued by the world and with a passion for learning.

Our school motto:

Grow care serve share

Our school is a happy, creative place of learning. Our school motto is: “Grow, care, serve, share.” Here are the words of children from Bathford Church School:

Grow: Every day we grow a little bit bigger in school. We start very young in Reception and by the time we are in Year 6, we will have grown taller, but also we will have grown inside our hearts. School helps us to grow to be the best young people that we can be.

Care: At Bathford Church School, we care about all the people around us. The children and the adults. We also care for other living creatures and we care for our environment. We always keep our school tidy and clean.

Serve: We serve each other by doing things to help other people. We might raise money for charity, hold a door open for someone or ask someone to play at playtime. We think about the feelings of others and look after each other.

Share: We look after our belongings. We share with other children because it’s the kind thing to do. We share our time with each other and we always remember to say please and thank you.

Here is our School Prayer:

This is our school,

Let peace dwell here,

Let the rooms be full of contentment,

Let love abide here,

Love of one another,

Love of mankind,

Love of life itself,

And Love of God.

Let us remember

That, as many hands build a house,

So many hearts make a school.

We are a Thrive School

We believe that children’s emotional development is as important as their academic development.  We are a Thrive school and use Thrive assessments and methods to help children learn new ways of responding, which can improve resilience and give them a greater ability to engage with life and learning.

For more information visit www.thriveapproach.com