• Residential Day 4

    We couldn’t have asked for better weather for our last full day of activities. Although there were lots of tired looking children this morning, the hearty breakfast we had revived them. We started the day with a river challenge – which team could propel their egg over the river first, then start a fire to cook the egg? After a genuine draw, the groups enjoyed different activities: the Magpies were on the low ropes, the Squirrels were crate stacking and the Swallows were on the zip wire. We all got together for an assault course competition in the afternoon and are now looking forward to a camp fire (and the tuck shop!) this evening.

  • Day 3 Residential

    Wow! Another action-packed day and more beautiful sunshine. Today, some of the groups did pizza making in the clay oven, the amazing zipwire, a river study and many more activities. The children are being completely brilliant and are having a great time.

  • Tuesday’s Residential Update

    We have all really enjoyed our first full day at Mill on the Brue.

    Firstly, the food was delicious and plentiful. The six activity slots were punctuated with breakfast, biscuit break, lunch, cake time, dinner and hot chocolate, so we are all feeling very well fed.

    Secondly, our instructors (Daisy, George and Ben) are brilliant! Not to mention the fact that the activities are great fun and we haven’t had any rain. Roll on tomorrow…..

  • Year 6 Residential Visit

    What a wonderful first day we have had. After finding our rooms and unpacking, we were treated to a delicious lunch followed by an afternoon of sunshine. We have already enjoyed several different activities such as orienteering, climbing, obstacle course, night walk, tunnelling, etc.

    We can’t wait for more fun tomorrow!

  • Bath Carnival

    Goblin Go-Karters had a great afternoon taking part in the Bath Carnival for the first time with their go kart.  The sun shone and a party atmosphere was enjoyed by all.  It’s definitely an event we’ll attend again, even if we do have a samba band directly behind us!


  • Wednesday Residential Update

    After another delicious breakfast, the teachers were treated to some extremely imaginative, well-organised and inspiring dorm rooms for room inspection.  There were inspiration quotes, art installations, toothbrush sculptures, towels folded to hotel standards and shampoo bottles organised in height order!

    We wonder if they will keep up these standards in their bedrooms at home?!

    Results were announced in one of our legendary corridor meetings.


  • Tuesday Residential Update

    After an early wake up call due to an unexpected fire alarm (6.30a.m….. false alarm!), Year 6 needed their cooked breakfast to help energise them for the 3 hours hill walk in the morning.  The weather was beautiful and the views stunning.  They certainly needed our lunch after all that walking!

    In the afternoon two groups enjoyed stand-up paddle board and rafting on the lake, whilst another group did the blind trail and orienteering.

    With another great meal inside them, everyone was ready for their final activity of the day.

    The children are being brilliantly behaved and having a lot of fun! Everyone was thrilled that Arabella joined them in the evening. Hooray!